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Soft, warm and cozy oversized hoodies are an absolute trend that will stay with us forever.

For everyone who has ever sunk deep into a COPPER Hoodie most probably felt like a god or goddess and there’s a reason why. It’s not just because copper naturally conducts heat and radiates luxury. As the first metal widely used by humans, copper and our planet have a long and magical history.

The official logo of the LESS STRESS CLOTHES brand is embroidered on the sleeve of the hoodie.

Pocket width (full girth) - 136cm
Back length - 73cm
Front length from neckline to bottom - 70cm
Sleeve length - 58cm (shoulder lowered)

Material: 70% cotton, 30% polyester (polyester is an irreplaceable material so that the hoodie does not stretch over time) .

The product is 100% produced in Estonia