The original idea of a brand LESS STRESS CLOTHES came into mind of the main creator Evelin, during famously known pandemic year - 2020. 
It can be said, that this year made a lot of changes in the world, including fashion. Abandoned offices, forgotten parties 
turned things upside down. CASUAL and COMFORTABLE became the major keywords in fashion world.

The name of the brand, stands for an idea of having LESS STRESS in everyday’s life. 
The idea lies in every piece of clothing. Starting from the production til client's purchase. Every piece is unique and 
this was only possible due to a HAND-MADE production, ECO material and RECYCLED packaging. 
See, now we can truly say, our clothes are made under NO STRESS. 

The unique features of our clothes are:

ONESIZE, no pressure of choosing the right size for you;
UNISEX, buy for yourself and your loved one;
       OVERSIZED, trendy and comfortable.

See, perfectly made clothes, for having LESS STRESSFUL DAYS.